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Our Supporting South Africa strategy is part of, and in line with, Plumblink's sustainability commitment.

We are a wholly-owned and passionately South African business, with a long term bond and commitment to the people and business enterprises of this country. As such, Plumblink will continue to actively support and encourage local supply, the development of our home-grown talent and the success of South African businesses in a global market.

Where international organisations wish to compete with local businesses, we seek to assist clients in making the best use of South African materials and technology.

Fair, ethical and competitive business practice will always be a hallmark of how we do business - and how we assist all our clients in growing and ethically servicing the dynamic South African market.


As a responsible and progressive corporate citizen, Plumblink has adopted an integrated and balanced approach to Corporate Social Investment (CSI), as a coordinated and aligned component of its broad-based economic empowerment programme.

We recognize that no successful and sound business can survive in isolation of the community within which it operates, or contrary to the social needs and priorities of the country as a whole. Plumblink therefore strives to add value to the community through its involvement in various small yet specific upliftment and assistance programmes.

Due to the nature of our business, and the communities and markets with which we interact, our Social Investment initiatives are generally focused on providing expertise, direct assistance and support to selected NGOs, community projects and job creation/entrepreneurial development programmes.

While direct financial investment, in the form of funding or grants, is limited to particularly deserving projects which align closely with education and charity or welfare initiatives, indirect investment by our people in terms of providing their time, sharing their expertise, providing access to our business facilities and our contacts is a high priority.

A culture of caring and community support is inculcated into 'the way we do things' at Plumblink, and our people are encouraged to act as ambassadors in looking for ways to make a difference in our community - not merely as a B-BBEE initiative, but as an ongoing commitment to caring for one another.


Due to the nature of our business, the environmental impact of Plumblink is small in comparison with other industries such as mining or agriculture. However, as a significant role player in this industry, we believe in also contributing to the well-being of society by promoting responsible environmental values and actions by both ourselves and our clients.

Plumblink's strong sense of corporate responsibility and environmental awareness favours our approach to business. The support of suppliers with responsible environmental management and monitoring policies is just one aspect of our conscious implementation of good business practices that do not have a negative impact on our community or the environment.

Plumblink actively assists its clients with promoting the production and supply of products and services that are not harmful to natural eco-systems and which promote "green" building principles and energy-saving initiatives.

Internally, we contribute directly to our environment by preventing pollution and managing our energy usage. Other positive environment protection practices include controlling our paper consumption, effective waste management and supporting progressive external environmental initiatives.

Plumblink can confirm that its business activities have no direct negative impact on biodiversity, protected or sensitive areas, heritage sites, fresh water resources or related ecosystems.

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